The Captain of the ship Ton Brouwer hosts music every Friday and Saturday Nights and  Sunday afternoon. And it is his passion to pull lots of different kinds of music together and have largely varied nights across the year. So whatever you’re in to, whether it is rock, indie, heavy rock, blues, ska, soul, pop, punk or folk there will be a night or afternoon coming up for you.

Ton is always looking for new talent to be heard on the ship. So if you’re a beginning band or an experienced one make sure you take a look at the ‘Your Band’ page and get in contact, because you may just get the chance to play, with your band (or on your own), somewhere completely different: in the hold of a converted sailing ship surrounded by an audience.

The Albatros is a 100 year old ex-trading ship from Amsterdam that has been converted into a restaurant, bar and music venue, situated in a small town on the north Norfolk coast, Wells-next-the-sea.

The boat serves beer, ales and different Dutch foods; pancakes, omelettes and soups (see full menu).